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Penryn is home to the Ordinalia mystery plays, which were written in Cornish at Glasney College in the 13th Century. The Ordinalia contains a trilogy of religious plays in Cornish verse on the creation story, the passion of Christ and the resurrection. The manuscript also includes Latin stage directions and diagrams, described as the earliest stage directions that survive from anywhere in the world, potentially revealing the medieval origins of circular stages used in Elizabethan London.

We theme the Kemeneth on the Ordinalia with a diverse and modern twist on immersive street theatre; using the towns houses and streets as our set. We want the people of Penryn to be wowed, surprised and amazed by this incredible slice of Penryn’s singular cultural heritage.

The town has an ancient port – used by traders from all over the world until Cromwell removed the trading license – but we have remained strong as a town, and we have kept our interest in the colourful cultures of those international traders. Penryn Kemeneth will celebrate those cultures alongside our local traditions thanks to local musicians, performers and artists who still look to embrace the creative fruits of the whole world.

We also have historic secrets, which we want to uncover thanks to the help of local historians and the stories of the people that live here, which have been passed down from generation to generation – there has even been pirate mayors!

We are keen for the event to created by the town, because it is the people of the Penryn that have made the town so great – so please get in touch with us if you would like to get involved in anyway. Penryn Kemeneth is a great opportunity to join in with your friends, family and neighbours in celebrating our brilliant community through music, theatre, dance, aerial acrobatics, stories, workshops, food, puppetry and opera. Penryn Kemeneth will be a day to the community to remember


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