Kemeneth is produced by the Penryn Production Partnership, and here they are:

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Jack Addy

Jack is managing the Performance Strand for Kemeneth, and is responsible for curating all the live music performances throughout the festival, as well as managing the performance production side of all of the Kemeneth strands. He will be booking acts, liaising with the artists, putting together all the technical kit we need and managing the production throughout the weekend of the 14th October. If you would like to see an act perform on stage, or to recommend an act you would like to see at this event, please get in touch.

Jack is also one of the Art Directors for Kemeneth this year.

Interesting things about Jack:

  • He is the joint founder and member of The Roustabouts, a gypsy cabaret collective of Falmouth and Penryn-based musicians and performers
  • He has very recently completed training as a Secondary School Music Teacher
  • Jack once performed at the Royal Albert Hall

Rachael Jones

Rachael Jones

Rachael is managing and producing the community film project ‘Women of Penryn‘, which intersects research, art, storytelling and film-making. She is responsible for organising workshops, liasing with community groups and institutions, managing footage and materials created during workshops, then producing a film to be screened in Penryn during 2018 and 2018.

Interesting things about Rachael:

  • She is an associate lecturer in Film at Falmouth University
  • She has been filming since she was 12 (but professionally only the last 6 years)
  • Although originally Cornish, she grew up in Hong Kong

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Graham Marsden

Graham is the overall Event Organiser for Kemeneth, managing all of the strands, the finances and the boring bits like road closures, stewarding and licenses. He works closely with Cornwall Council, Penryn Town Council and  many other community groups and  businesses in the area to ensure the smooth running of the Kemeneth events.

Interesting things about Graham:

  • He used to be a Highland Councillor in the North of Scotland
  • He is a Parish Councillor in Mawnan Smith
  • He is a passionate canoeist!

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Sarah-Jane Marsden

SJ is responsible for managing the Storytelling strand. This includes heritage talks, storytelling workshops and the ‘Near the River of Antre..’ project, as well as creating links between Penryn’s history,  museum and historians.

SJ is also managing Kemeneth’s relationship with its funders, and charming her way around the local area finding more! Her final responsibility is marketing all the events and the project as a whole.

Interesting things about SJ:

kemeneth penryn

Rebecca Sims

Rebecca is an important part of the Procession Strand as she runs the puppet-making wokshops with Michelle. She works as a mentor to community groups who wish to make their own puppet, and helps all to come up with their ideas for creatures which relate to Penryn’s heritage.

Interesting things about Rebecca:

  • She originally  trained as a ceramicist at Falmouth University, and then later did a degree in Contemporary Crafts there
  • She is twice winner of the Penryn Christmas window competition
  • She is a granny!

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Michelle Taylor

Michelle is managing both the Documentation and Procession Strands, with help from Rebecca Sims, as well as one of the Art Directors for Kemeneth.

Documentation – Michelle is working with community members to film, photograph, publish and celebrate the wonderful events which are part of Kemeneth 2017.

Procession – She is working with multiple community groups to design and make the fantastic processional puppets which will be proudly paraded through the town on October 14th.

Interesting things about Michelle:

  • She is a film-maker, designer, artist & performer
  • She is a banoffee pie maker extraordinaire
  • Michelle can do a pretty good dolphin impression!

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Guy Watson

Guy is the Ordinalia Strand leader, celebrating and leading this celebration of Penryn’s unique heritage. He is producing and directing the street theatre event, as well as managing  the creation of costumes and props.

Guy is also one of Kemeneth’s Art Directors.

Interesting facts about Guy:

  • He artistically leads the Cornish professional theatre company The Dream Team
  • He runs the 300 seat open-air Trebah Amphiththeatre
  • Guy is hopelessly addicted to coffee.. and chocolate.. and cheese!





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